Well... here I am...
ReBoot - Daemon infection
 Hi, Livejournal, you lovely thing.  Do you realize it's been about 8 years since I last used you?  Those were quite the days.  Such memories we had.

But I'm back, because as it turns out you turned into a hub of fandom that, lo and behold, I actually find myself interested in participating in.  Or at least skirting around the edges of, peeking in.

If you couldn't tell, Livejournal, I still love ReBoot.  So I chose a phrase from the last words of the last episode as my username.  But mostly I chose it because it sounds cool.  I also love Firefly, which you don't know about from me, Livejournal.  Rather unintentionally, I named my first entry the last words of the last episode of that series.  Goodness, I'm making myself out to be a massive nerd.  But it's only fair.  I kind of am.

Anyway, Livejournal, it's good to be back.  You have all these slots for icons that I'm planning on making.  That was rather nice of you.  Thank you, Livejournal.  I think we'll be seeing eachother a lot more.


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